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Bouncebackability is a terrific expression as it immediately conjures up the picture of a highly resilient ball bouncing back from whatever it comes into contact with.

That’s the image and idea we want to keep in mind all the time i.e. saying to ourselves, “I’m resilient and every day…I bounce right back from the challenges and tough situations that come my way.”

Now let’s consider what’s needed to ensure we increase and maintain our resilience so that those around us are inspired to ‘Bounce Back’ also.

picture of a highly resilient ball bouncing back

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Being resilient and capable of swiftly bouncing back means that:

We are taking good care of ourselves:


  • Food and water
  • Sleep
  • Fitness


  • Managing our ‘self-talk’ so that it is uplifting, and
    • Minimises adversities
    • Magnifies achievements and successes
  • The more you talk about being depressed or traumatised the more likely you will become depressed and traumatised


  • Time
  • Listening
  • Caring
  • Empathising

We take a long-term view:

The human race has been through many challenges over the centuries and demonstrated our ability to ‘Bounce Back’ time after time.

  • We’ve come back stronger and better equipped for the future
  • Treat the current COVID-19 situation as a speed bump in life, not a landslide
  • Treat it as another opportunity to ‘Master a Challenge’ and grow your own business expertise and other capabilities
Mental Health - Brain circuit mindmap

We are thinking of and caring for others-those who depend on us:

  • Our partners need our loving affection and involvement
  • Our children need our cheerful expression of love for them and a show of confidence in the future
  • Our colleagues and team members need us to be positive and caring

So we need our ‘radar’ set to strong so that we can pick up the distress signals early on and take practical steps to ensure a small easily-solved problem doesn’t become a crisis that then makes huge demands on resources.

If you’d like to be well equipped to ‘Bounce Back’ swiftly, keep this message from Roberto Assagioli top of mind: “There is no certainty; there is only adventure.” And invite those within your circle of influence to join you in making life a wonderful adventure.

You don’t have to be an expert when it comes to monitoring the well-being of our team members, colleagues and loved ones.

The best help we can be is to listen with empathy and guide them patiently to the experts.

There are lots of organisations around New Zealand that can assist people.

We have listed some below. You will find each of them has a helpful and caring approach. Their websites each contain good information and tips, plus more about the services they can offer. You can also contact them by phone.